videoVideo games are fun for both kids and adults, and as the gaming industry keeps producing more complex and more interesting games, the need for video game testers are quickly increasing. When you think about a video game testing career and video game tester salary, you would probably imagine sitting in front of a large screen, controller in hand, and unlimited game time. However interesting that sounds, this particular profession isn’t all that. In fact, just like any other professions, video game testing should be taken seriously and may require certain skills and training to be effective and efficient in it. The role of a video game tester is to help designers by checking the quality of each video game they produce. Here isĀ  additional information on the career and the video game tester salary.

Video Game Tester Salary Information:

When it comes to video game testing, it is rare to find a job that pays video game tester salary regularly. Most testers only work on a certain contract, meaning, only if a new game is being designed. Because of this set up, the averageĀ video game tester salary could only be discussed on a per hour or per day basis. The video game tester salary can vary between $8 and $20 per hour. The exact video game tester compensation would depend on what level of gamer you are and how difficult the game prototype is. Although this is not an ideal regular job, because it isn’t, it would be a great part-time profession for video game enthusiasts. The level of experience in playing video games will be a great plus to qualify oneself for a higher video game tester income. However, it is highly recommended for individuals to find other regular jobs and to not rely on the video game tester salary alone.

Video Game Tester Education Requirements:

Compared to most professions, video game testing does not really have a specific education requirement. However, employers tend to prefer hiring people who have a college degree in any computer-related course, such as computer science, computer programming, or graphics design. This will effect the video game tester salary greatly. The reason behind this is that individuals who know more about computer software tend to have more knowledge in determining whether a game is well-designed or not. They would be able to notice any minute errors while playing more than those who have not undergone formal education for the video game tester salary. A video game tester may also be required to have various skills needed to help with quality control. They would have to be updated with computer technology in order to stay updated with new games as well. They would have to have great attention to details. Being observant, even with the smallest item on the game’s interface, will be crucial to help designers improve, enhance, or completely change anything that might be an issue to the majority of gamers out there. Employers may also require testers to have vast knowledge about video games and they would prefer those who played a lot of different types of games. This way, the would be easily relied upon to provide designers with the most accurate and helpful feedback to help improve the video game before its release to the public.

Video Game Tester Job Description:

Whenever a video game is created, it does not get released into the gaming public immediately. Companies would have to test it first to make room for adjustments or modifications prior to launching. This is where video game testers come in. The video game tester job description is to mainly find any error in a video game. Whether it is a flaw in the interface, a lousy item or character skill, or a freeze-up issue in the game, it is the responsibility of the tester to find it and let the designer know about it. This means they would have to be very observant and detailed enough to explain the exact issue they would find. It is also their responsibility to test gaming hardware and the actual level of enjoyment one may get with a particular game theme. Between the tester and the designer, honesty may really come handy. If the tester is honest enough to convey each and every issue they encounter, no matter how forgivable it may be, designers would be able to create a flawless video game for the public’s enjoyment.

Considering the fact that more and more video games are being created for the various types of gaming consoles nowadays, the need for video game testers would undoubtedly increase. Although it may still be more of a part-time career than a regular one, even the video game tester salary could possibly increase because of the complexity of software and hardware in this present time. This is good news for computer specialists who have a passion for video games. Video game testing is actually a great way to earn a video game tester salary.

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