veterinarianVeterinary Medicine is highly in demand today because of the increasing number of people who are gaining interest in having pets and those who invest ranches or farms. No matter how knowledgeable we are when it comes to caring for pets, no one comes close to the knowledge and expertise of someone who studied and trained long and hard about animal care, treatment, and the like. Veterinarians are animal doctors. They focus on treating certain animal medical conditions as well as give them checkups, vaccines, and provide tips for the owners on how to care for them.

Just like a Doctor of Medicine, Vets are required in almost any community especially in places where animals are abundant. Most pet owners rely on these doctors to make sure that their pets are healthy and free from any type of infection or disease. Farm and ranch owners, also, rely on these doctors to help them boost the quality of their cattle or livestock in order to boost business and provide food and other animal products to consumers. Aside from these typical tasks of a Veterinarian, there are other areas of expertise that they may choose from, there are other tasks that, unknown to many, are part of their jobs as well. Here is a glimpse of what to expect in the field of Veterinary Medicine and the veterinarian salary below.

Veterinarian Salary Information:

Another common factor between Physicians and Vets is the potential to earn a high veterinarian salary. As of May 2010, the average veterinarian salary is $82,040 per year. This means that it could be higher or lower than that amount. The lowest 10 percent were able to receive a Veterinarian salary of $49,910 and lower while those who belong to the highest 10 percent got a veterinarian salary of more than $145,230. The Veterinarian salary can still be higher depending on certain factors which affect it. The educational attainment, amount of experience, skills, and the type of employer are all elements that determine how much Veterinarian salary one can earn. Another factor is the type of specialty or specialization that one chooses to focus on. Those who deal with the Food Animal industry, which involves animals that are bred for food, get the highest veterinarian salary of around $71,096. Those who choose to handle horses only get a yearly $43,405.

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Veterinarian Education Requirements:

Regarding the process of learning to become a Veterinarian, it is highly recommended that an individual acquire a Bachelor’s Degree before applying for a Veterinary Medicine course. The Bachelor’s Degree is not required but it could give you a plus when applying for medical school. Schools that offer a degree in Veterinary Medicine prefer individuals who have completed several studies in various sciences such as Biology, Zoology, and more. Getting into any Veterinary Program is really tough, which is why it is important to have several credentials in order to meet their qualifications and veterinarian salary range. A Doctor in Veterinary Medicine course usually takes 4 years to complete. The first 3 years include classroom training, laboratory, and clinical field work. The 4th year usually involves on -the-job training to gain practical experience. Vets are required to take the national license exam in order to be qualified for employment or to set up their own practice. Most states do not accept Vets who are licensed in other states so, before a Veterinarian can set up practice in a different state, they must take a state license exam in that particular location. If you plan to specialize in one or more veterinary specialties, you must train for it and get certified with it by the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Veterinarian Job Description:

Basically, the Veterinarian job description involves a lot of tasks like examining animals, diagnosis, treatment, surgery, provision of vaccines and testing its effectiveness, operating medical equipment for use on animals, counsel owners on general care, illnesses, and treatment or medication, and to euthanize animals when necessary. They are also in charge of performing certain procedures like neuter and spay. There are several types of Veterinarians in specialized veterinarian salary fields. There are Companion Animal Veterinarians, which deal with pets; Equine Veterinarians deal with horses; Food Animal Veterinarians who deal with farm animals; Food Safety and Inspection Veterinarians who handle the inspection of livestock and animal products; and Research Veterinarians who work mostly within a laboratory setting.

The need for Veterinarians is expected to increase to up to 36 percent from 2010 up to 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is because of the increasing number of the pet population. Also, more and more medical procedures are becoming available for animals. Therefore, pet owners demand Vets who are available to perform such treatment. If you have a deep passion for animals and love to work around them, then a career in Veterinary Medicine will surely be a great veterinarian salary opportunity for you to earn money and do what you love most.

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