vetWhen it comes to animal care, pet owners have never been as involved as they are nowadays. In the past, they were content with providing what they think is best for their pets. Now, the need for a vet checkup is almost a necessity. Veterinarians are animal doctors, both to domesticated pets and to wild animals in farms and zoos. Although a veterinarian is a profession worth considering, we intend to focus on the people who work behind and alongside these animal doctors. These professionals are called Veterinarian Technologists and Technicians.

We usually see someone within vet clinics or animal hospitals who help the veterinarian in checking and treating each animal patient. The vet tech is a very important part of a veterinarian’s job because they take charge of certain tasks that can help with the diagnosis as well as the treatment of certain medical issues that an animal is going through. Also, they serve as a vet’s assistant and runner for every procedure or lab test that needs to be done. Below is the vet tech salary range.

Vet Tech Salary Information:

Although there are some differences between a Vet Technologist and a Vet Technician, their vet tech salary rate is the same. Based on the records of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average vet tech salary on May of 2010 was $29,710 annually, wherein the bottom 10 percent received a yearly $20,500 vet tech salary and the highest 10 percent were able to generate as much as $44,030 worth of Vet Tech salary every year. Those who opt to work as instructors or researchers tend to earn a bigger Vet Tech salary compared to those who provide veterinarian services alone. The industries that employ the most Veterinarian Technologists and Technicians are colleges and universities, scientific research facilities or laboratories, and veterinarian clinics. The Vet Tech salary for each of these industries are $36,450, $36,200, and $29,290 respectively.

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Vet Tech Education Requirements:

The major difference between a Veterinarian Technologist and a Technician is the amount of education each individual profession requires. A Veterinarian Technologist needs to complete a 4-year Veterinary Technology course which awards them a Bachelor’s Degree. This type of professional usually work in a research laboratory setting or anything that involves complex and advanced veterinarian tasks which is why they should get a certification from the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science. The vet tech salary will be effected by this. The Veterinarian Technician, on the other hand, should complete a 2-year program on Veterinary Technology which will eventually award them an Associate’s Degree. This type of professional usually handle tasks within a vet clinic or animal hospital setting and should be certified by taking the Veterinary Technician National Examination. It is important for Vet Techs to posses qualities in order to be efficient in their job. Since they will be dealing with animals, Vet Techs should be patient and have a deep compassion for various types of animals. It helps to study about every animal specie that one can possibly can since this will provide them with the right information to know how to feed, handle, and interact with any type of animal. Those who plan to work in animal shelter and rescue missions should be aware of the state’s law with regards to animal care and rights.

Vet Tech Job Description:

Just like doctors for human beings, the Vet Tech job description involves common medical tasks such as observing the animal patients, taking note of their behavior and identifying which is normal and which is not. They should also be trained to provide immediate medical care for injured or sick animals. In case a surgery is necessary, it is the Vet Tech’s job to administer anesthesia and monitor their status during the procedure. They are also in charge of collecting samples that may need to go through laboratory testing. They also provide clerical tasks such as filing and recovering the medical records of the animals. Veterinarian Technologists handle lab testing and research tasks while Veterinarian Technicians handle more manual work. Although their are slight differences between these two similar job professions, they need to work under the supervision of a veterinarian or a scientist, as for the case of a Vet Technologist. Most of the tasks they handle are delegated and approved by their superior.

For those people who love animals but are still undecided as to which career to pursue, learning to be a Vet Tech is highly recommended. Whether you choose to be a Vet Technologist or a Vet Technician, you can be assured that a lot of job and vet tech salary opportunities will be available for you. The BLS reported that an estimated 52 percent increase in employment rate is expected from 2010 to 2020. The vet tech salary that comes with this career is good enough and the fact that you get to take care of animals who are sick or injured is really rewarding.

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