underwaterAn underwater welder is a commercial diver that performs welding functions under the water. This job may include underwater welding, construction, inspection and more. The underwater welding salary is provided below along with the educational requirements.

Underwater welding can be a very dangerous occupation. It involves an understanding of both welding and diving. The main job of an underwater welder is perform maintenance on large underwater structures such as platforms, bridge structures and pipelines. They may need to photograph structures and prepare supplies that are needed to perform the maintenance. Underwater welding involves cutting and welding steel using underwater welding equipment. They must also understand the intricacies of diving. This will include understanding the conditions of the dive before descending into the water. They communicate with other workers above the water with the use of signal lines. They must take diving and welding precautions at all times. They must check and maintain all diving equipment before descending into the water. They may use rigs to lift and remove objects that are underwater. They may install pilings for bridges and piers. They may be needed to make the needed repairs to the underside of boats and large ships. Duties may vary depending on the type of welding that is done.

Underwater Welding Salary:

The current underwater welding salary is about $59,000 per year. The underwater welding salary amount that a welder makes will depend a lot on the type of diving and welding that they do in addition to the amount of experience they have, their education, the city and state they work in and other factors. Like with most jobs the area that you work in is important to the amount of underwater welding salary that you can make. This is vitally important when it comes to underwater welding. The top paying underwater welding salary states that offer the best underwater welding salary are Michigan, New Jersey, Washington, New York and California. As you can see, living near the ocean is vital for this career. In Michigan the average underwater welding salary is $67,000 per year. New Jersey offers an underwater welding income of $77,000 per year. Washington state is another place that offers a higher than average salary. In WA the average underwater welding salary is $79,000 per year. New York offers a underwater welding salary range of $80,000 per year. The top underwater welding salary can be found in the state of California. In California the average underwater welding salary is $86,000 per year.

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Underwater Welding Education:

If you have decided that you want to become an underwater welder you will need to attend both diving school and welding school. This is a underwater welding salary and job that requires certification in both areas. First, you want to find a good diving school. Decide on the school you want by finding a good welding underwater program. These programs will teach you everything that you need to know in order to perform your everyday job functions. You will learn both in a training tank and then be moved to a real body of water to learn within a real environment. After you graduate and become certified in diving you will need to get certification in welding. Next you will want to attend a welding program. These are typically done at trade schools and may take about one to two years to complete. When you have both of your certifications done, you may then attend a diving program that includes underwater welding. Once you have completed all of these steps you may apply for underwater welding jobs.

Underwater Welding Job Description:

The underwater welding salary and job description for an underwater welder is typically in the deep ends of the ocean and often on the ocean floor. You may be providing maintenance work, photography services or even welding services. Since this is a very dangerous career, you will need to follow all of the guidelines that have been set up to ensure your safety. You will need to be in very good physical condition and able to handle a high stress environment. You will need to comfortable in the water and being around marine life. The work schedule for an underwater welder is often full time of at least forty hours per week. Hours may vary depending on the type of outfit you work for and the level of welding that you are doing.

Underwater welding can be a very exciting career to go into. There are not many people that can say that they get paid for making oceanic dives. However it is important to understand that this can be a very dangerous career and you will need to be able to remain calm no matter what happens. There are many great benefits to this job also. The pay is great and so are the functions that you get to perform on a daily basis. If you are the type of person who loves to be in the water but also want to perform a needed function then this may be the perfect underwater welding salary and job for you.

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