surgicalWhenever we think of the word “surgery”, the first thing that comes to our minds is an operating room where the patient, lying on an operating table in the middle of the room, is surrounded by the surgeon and a lot of other people. Although the surgeon is the most familiar character in this setting, there are other health care professionals who play an important role in making such a surgery successful. One of these rarely acknowledged professionals are called Surgical Technicians.

A Surgical Technician, also known as a Surgical technologist or an Operating Room Technician, is one of the busiest surgical personnel in a medical facility. Their job starts prior to, during, and after the scheduled surgery. In fact, they are the first person a patient sees before they go to the operating room. Working as a Surgical Technician involves a lot of work and a lot of responsibility. Those who would like to pursue this particular career and surgical technician salary should learn more about what this profession has to offer.

Surgical Technician Salary Information:

According to the records of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average surgical technician salary was $39,920 as of May 2010. Those who belong to the bottom 10 percent were only able to receive an annual Surgical Technician salary of less than $28,100. Meanwhile, those who belong to the top 10 percent were able to take home a Surgical Technician income of $57,330 and more. The industries that hired the largest number of Surgical Technicians also gave varying amounts of Surgical Technician salary. Those who are employed by outpatient centers receive an average surgical technician salary of $41,210 annually while those employed by physicians for their private offices received a Surgical Technician pay of $41,030. Those who choose to work in bigger facilities, such as a hospital, earned an annual Surgical Technician salary of $39,600. Surgical Technicians also provide services to dental clinics. With this type of employment, they are capable of receiving a surgical technician salary of around $36,480 every year.

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Surgical Technician Education Requirements:

Pursuing a career as a Surgical Technician does not require a Bachelor’s or a Master’s Degree. However, they are required to acquire post-secondary education. Anyone with a high school diploma or anything equivalent to that can enroll at any technical or vocation school which offers Surgical Technology courses. Typically, these courses provide them with a certificate or an Associate’s Degree, which is enough to be employed as a Surgical Technician. A certification from the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting in order to gain the title of “Certified Surgical Technician”. Those who opt to gain certification from the National Center for Competency Testing can also be certified and called a “Tech in Surgery-Certified”. There are other types of certifications as well. However, no matter what type of certification you choose to take, getting certified will surely make job hunting easier for you. This will effect the surgical technician salary and benefits. Also, certification allows you to vie for higher or even supervisory positions. Aside from medical-related subjects, Surgical Technicians also take up classes on the safety of patients, methods of sterilization, and how to prevent or control infections within an operating room.

Surgical Technician Job Description:

Typically, a Surgical Technician assists in a surgical procedure or operation. However, the actual Surgical Technician job description covers other tasks that are done before and after the surgery. These people are responsible for prepping the operating room to make it ready for the scheduled surgery. They have to make sure that all medical equipment are working and that all tools needed are complete and properly sterilized. After that, they have to prep the patient for the surgery. This involves washing the area to be operated on, shaving any body hair, and sterilizing that particular area. During the surgery, they are in charge of operating certain equipment within the operating room and to pass any tool needed by the surgeon and his assistant. After the surgery, Surgical Technicians are in charge of cleaning the operating room and making sure that is sterilized enough to prevent any spread of infection. They also have to restock any supplies that might have been used and make the operating room ready again for the next surgery. There may also be times when they would have to transport the patient from their wards and to transport them back to their wards from the recovery room.

In the field of Surgical Technology, the demand for Surgical Technicians are expected to rise by 19 percent in the coming years. The reason behind this is that more and more surgical methods are becoming available and more people are opting for this type of treatment since it’s faster than therapies. Also, a lot of complicated and complex surgeries are becoming available, which means more Surgical Technicians will be needed to assist and help out with surgeries within the operating room. The surgical technician salary will increase over the next several years.

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