pharmacyEver since the discovery of medicines, people have grown dependent on them for relief and cure. Nowadays, there are probably more than a thousand types of medicines for various uses. They may range from those that are needed to provide relief to pain or illness and to those that are meant to enhance or tone down certain emotions or body activities. It is standard procedure for each and every medicine to go through a series of tests and intensive inspection before it could be allowed to market anywhere. This way, the health of consumers and patients are protected, and certain infections or illnesses resulting from the drug can be prevented.

Pharmacology is the study or investigation of the possible effects of medicines to people. It deals with laboratory work and involves a lot of research. Individuals who pursue to work for this type of industry are called Pharmacologists. They usually test medicines on animal tissue in order to see the possible effects it may have on humans. Every type of medicine must pass their tests before they can approved. For those who are interested in chemistry and certain types of sciences, this is a great career to pursue. Here is some pharmacologist salary information for those who would like to know more about becoming a Pharmacologist.

Pharmacologist Salary Information:

The average pharmacologist salary level varies on a lot of factors. One of the most influential would be how much experience an individuals has. Experience is measured by the length of years one has been working in the business. Those who have only been working for a year or less may receive a pharmacologist salary of around $57,890. Individuals who have been in the field of Pharmacology between one to four years are capable of earning a Pharmacologist pay of $80,120. The average pharmacologist salary who has been employed in this type of business for five to nine years can take home a pharmacologist salary of around $83,356 per year. Those with a decade to nineteen years of experience usually receive a Pharmacologist salary of $101,500. Those who have more than nineteen years of job experience can receive a very big pharmacologist salary of $133,155 annually.

Pharmacologist Education Requirements:

Anyone interested in becoming a Pharmacologist should make sure they have a high school diploma and that they have good grades in their science subjects. Then, they would have to enroll for a Bachelor’s Degree in any reputable college or university. The most recommended courses to take are those related to Biological Sciences or Pharmacology. Graduates should be able to qualify for Pharmacology job positions at this stage. However, if you want to take on a more challenging job and to earn a better salary, then it is highly recommended to take a Master’s Degree training program in Pharmacology. There are various certification training programs and projects based on Pharmacology that can be signed up for. Although these are not necessary, it will certainly move your name on the top of an employer’s list when applying for a job and earning a pharmacologist salary.

Pharmacologist Job Description:

Basically, the Pharmacologist job description includes tasks that have to do with research, testing, and developing with regards to medicine. There are several areas of Pharmacology that one could specialize in. Clinical Pharmacology usually involves testing certain medical products on human beings. Toxicology deal with the adverse effects of certain medicines and chemical substances while Forensic Toxicology deal with the possible harmful effects of certain drugs to people who use it or get exposed to it. Those specialize mainly on Pharmacology also deal with enhancing a certain drug in order to boost or modify its therapeutic effects. There are several types of Pharmacologists: Neuropharmacologists focus on the effects of medicines to the brain as well as to the nervous system; Cardiovascular Pharmacologists deal with the effects on the heart and the rest of the circulatory system; Endocrine Pharmacologists deal with hormonal reactions as a result of certain medicines; and Psychopharmacologists which focus on the possible effects, whether negative or positive, of medicines to a person’s behavior, mood, or emotions. It is worth mentioning that this particular professions involves a lot of laboratory work and requires great attention to detail and intense focus.

Those who are interested in becoming involved in the field of Pharmacology would be happy to know that the employment rate in this particular professions is expected to increase by 26 percent in the coming years. This will also effect the pharmacologist salary levels. This is due to the increase in medicinal discoveries and the quick development of certain technologies which can be used to create more advanced and more effective medicines for treatment. Pharmacologists will be highly in demand with different industries such as pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, the Food and Drug Administration, as well as other private and public research labs. Even industries that manufacture food, chemical substances, as well as beauty products would be requiring Pharmacologists to make sure their products are safe to use by their consumers.

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