fossilA paleontologist is a trained professional scientist that studies the fossils of animals from prehistoric time periods. This includes studying the plants, animals and other organisms that appeared in these ecosystems. Most commonly they are known as dinosaur scientists however they do study other types of organisms too.

The job duties of a paleontologist will vary depending on the type of industry that they work in. The main job of a paleontologist is to date fossils that have been found by using radiometric dating that measures the amount of decay found on the organism. Field work is a large part of this job also. This field work will include going to sites all around the world and participating in digs to find and identify fossils. This may include putting together the remains of the bones that are found. Some work is also done in a lab. This includes using lab equipment such as a microscope to study these fossils and learn more about them. Some paleontologists may study the environment in which these animals lived and learn about their ecosystems. They may also research plant fossils. When doing field work they will need to pack and ship items that have been found. They also need to understand how to use various tools when attending digs such as knives, chisels, brushes, picks and various other types of tools. They must clean and preserve all specimens that are found. The paleontologist salary is listed below.

Paleontologist Salary:

The average paleontologist salary in the United States is about $85,000 per year. The paleontologist salary amount that you make will depend on several factors such as type of work you do, type of place you work, how much experience you have and even the city and state that you work in. As with most jobs, the paleontologist wage will depend greatly on the amount of experience you have. The starting paleontologist income is $59,000 per year. Each year that you work in the field will increase your paleontologist salary earning potential. With five years of experience your paleontologist income will increase to $67,000 per year. This will increase with the more experience that you gain through your work. With ten years of experience the paleontologist pay rate is $76,000 per year. When you have at least fifteen years of experience your  paleontologist salary will increase to $84,000 per year. The top paleontologist salary will be met once you have at least twenty years. The following page offers the average paleontologist salary as well as a brief description of the different job duties. This site also gives the education requirements in order to enter this career. At this high level of experience the  paleontologist salary will increase to an average of $98,000 per year.

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Paleontologist Education:

The paleontologist salary will be based on the education an individual has. If you are interested in becoming a paleontologist, you will need to go to college and get your degree in zoology, biology or geology. You may start this process in high school by attending and getting good grades in science and math classes. There are very few programs in paleontology. You will need to get a degree that specifically includes lots of earth sciences such as geology. Other courses needed will include physics, biology, chemistry and lots of math courses. After you have a bachelor’s degree in one of these areas you will need to complete your graduate work in paleontology. The majority of all paleontologists will get their master’s degree before getting a PhD. This process will take an additional two years to complete. You may also have the chance to work on real digs with some programs. Some programs may include various research projects and fieldwork projects. The more education you have the more job opportunities that will be available for you. There are no licensing requirements that are needed as a part of this career.

Paleontologist Job Description:

The paleontologist salary and job description for a paleontologist can vary depending on the type of job they do. Some may work in research and spend most of their time in a lab or research facility. Some may work in fieldwork and will often be on site in different areas and have to travel. Others may work in education or at a museum. The hours worked will vary depending on the aspect of work that a paleontologist does. The majority of all paleontologists will work a full time schedule. The hours worked may vary depending on the work they do.  Paleontologists that work in fieldwork may live on site and work around the clock whereas paleontologists that work in museums may work normal hours.

Paleontology is an exciting and interesting field of work. You will get to be a part of an exciting industry that gets to study animals such as dinosaurs. The paleontologist salary and job outlook is also pretty good for scientists that work in this area.  Currently there is an expected increase of more than twenty one percent predicted for the next eight years. Since this field is currently expecting growth, it is a field in which you will never have to worry about finding a good job.

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