eye doctorOphthalmologists are medical doctors that diagnose and treat diseases of the eye. They also provide preventive care and treat injuries of the eye and the eye structures. Below is the ophthalmologist salary and educational requirements.

The job of an ophthalmologist is very intricate. It involves several things. The main job of an ophthalmologist is to diagnose and treat injuries of the eye and other structures such as the cornea, sclera and eyelids. Ophthalmologists perform exams on a patients eyes and various parts of the visual system to determine the nature of the problem. They may perform or order diagnostic or medical tests as needed. They interpret the results of these tests. They perform eye surgeries such as cataract, glaucoma, corneal and eye muscle surgeries.  They provide laser surgery to change the shape of the eye or replace ocular tissue. They provide post operative care. They document a patients medical history and make sure that it is up to date with the most current information. Ophthalmologists develop treatment plans for each patient. This is based on condition, goals and the severity of the disorder or injury. They prescribe medications and may administer them to the patient. They may provide eye consultations to other medical professionals as needed.

Ophthalmologist Salary:

Since an ophthalmologist is a medical doctor, they make a very nice ophthalmologist salary. The current ophthalmologist salary is about $235,000 per year. The amount that is offered for this type of job will depend on the type of education and experience you have in addition to the type of place you work. Experience will play a large part in the amount that you can make as an ophthalmologist. As a newly graduated ophthalmologist, you can make an ophthalmologist salary of around $100,000 per year. This amount will increase yearly as you gain more experience. With at least five years of experience you can increase your ophthalmologist income to $150,000 per year. By the time you have ten years of experience the ophthalmologist salary will increase to $210,000 per year. After fifteen years of experience on the job, the ophthalmologist salary will increase to $300,000 per year. The top ophthalmologist salary range will be reached once you have at least twenty years of experience. With twenty years under your belt your can expect an ophthalmologist salary of $340,000 per year.

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Ophthalmologist Education:

If you have decided that you want to become an ophthalmologist, you will need to go to school and obtain your doctorate degree. This is a career path that will take many years to complete. The first step to complete is your pre-medicine bachelor’s degree. It is best to get a degree in pre-med or pre-ophtamology. This will take four years to complete. It is important to maintain a GPA of at least 3.0 so that when you apply to medical school it will be easier to be accepted. After you graduate with your bachelor’s degree, you will  need to take the MCAT test. Once you pass this, you will be able to apply to medical school. Once you are accepted into medical school, you will learn the basics of patient care, medical ethics, medical practices and disciplines and more. There will also be required clinical rotations in which you will work with actual patients. Upon graduation you will need to pass a medical licensing exam. The next step in your training and education will include specialty training. This will take about four years to complete. Some ophthalmologists may also decide to go into a sub-specialty and this will require an additional two years of training. Your ophthalmologist salary will be based on the education your have.

Ophthalmologist Job Description:

The ophthalmologist salary and job description for an ophthalmologist is typical of most medical professions. They may work in a doctor’s office, hospital, clinic or various types of medical facilities. The job description is clean and sterile and temperature controlled. Much of the work that is performed is done on the feet. The work may be stressful at times and you may have to calm down unruly and scared patients. The work schedule for an ophthalmologist varies. Typically they work full time and may often work as much as sixty hours per week.  Ophthalmologists that work in clinics generally work normal daytime hours while those who work in hospitals may work overnights and weekends. They may also be on call twenty four hours a day.

A ophthalmologist salary and career in ophthalmology may be perfect for you if you are the type of person with a good bedside manner. You will also need to have very good listening and communication skills. You may have to work in a team environment so it is important that you have good team skills. You will also need to make snap decisions and handle emergencies from time to time. If this sounds like something that you can handle, the time is perfect to start your education and get on the right track to becoming an ophthalmologist.

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