therapistThere are tasks and activities that we think are very simple to do and find it quite surprising that there are certain people who have difficulties doing them. Some people may even find it hard to feed or clean themselves. These are people with disabilities that make them incapable of doing even the simplest of tasks. Some are born with the condition while some only got it from an injury or a certain ailment. Fortunately, there are people who are willing to provide help and support in order to help these patients in coping with everyday activities. People who are patient enough and truly determined to provide this type of service will surely be interested in engaging in this type of profession.

A basic definition of Occupational Therapy is that it is a form of therapy in which patients with autism, cerebral palsy, Alzheimer’s, and other such conditions are provided with treatment and therapy to help them develop the skills needed to perform specific tasks. It is part of the Occupational Therapist job description to observe, assess, supervise, evaluate, and modify a therapy plan which will be suited for their age, condition, as well as their level of capability. Occupational Therapists provide more specific exercises and equipment to target a certain skill that a patient may need for survival or for work. The next paragraph will show the occupational therapist salary ranges.

Occupational Therapist Salary Information:

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average occupational therapist salary in May 2010 was $72,320. The bottom 10 percent were able to generate less than $48,920 in Occupational Therapist salary while those in the highest 10 percent were able to take home as much as $102,520 or probably even more. People working in this industry are not only confined to one work environment. There are several industries in which the services of an Occupational Therapist will be very beneficial. The Occupational Therapist income in each industry may vary. For example, those working in Home and Health Care Services can get as much as $79,570 yearly while those in Family Services can only get up to $64,520. These amounts reported by the BLS are only for entry-level Occupational Therapists. The Occupational Therapist salary can go even higher depending on several factors. Those with more experience and skills will be able to earn a higher occupational therapist salary. Also, there are certain states in the United States which offer a higher Occupational Therapist salary than other states. It would be helpful to choose your work location carefully.

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Occupational Therapist Education Requirements:

The educational requirements will greatly effect the occupational therapist salary and the benefits. If you are interested in becoming an Occupational Therapist, you need to first acquire a Bachelor’s Degree. Any course will do but one that has coursework in Physiology as well as Biology will be helpful once you are ready to take a Master’s Degree. With regards to a Master’s Degree, you have to make sure that you will be enrolling in an accredited school. This may take 2 years, but if you prefer to take a Doctorate, you may have to invest a much longer time. There are schools that allow students to obtain their Bachelor’s and Master’s at the same time, but this may take up to 5 years. Also, it would be very challenging for someone to take them both at the same time. It would be helpful to engage in volunteer work in any Occupational Therapist clinic or facility. This will provide you with experience and on-the-job skills to help you with your studies and add to your credentials once you’re ready to work. Before working though, you would need to get certified by the National Board for Certification of Occupational Therapists and then apply for a license in order to be eligible to work in various states across the United States.

Occupational Therapist Job Description:

The job of an Occupation Therapist involves a lot of tasks. Just like any type of doctor, they would need to interview the patient and check their medical history. They also need to observe patients in order to formulate an effective plan to help them develop skills they would need. The treatment plan will require modification if the therapist or patient thinks that it does not help them at all. The patient’s family members or even those in their workplace will be asked to engage in the treatment for further effectiveness and encouragement. This will ensure that the optimal results will be achieved.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is an estimated 33 percent growth in the Occupational Therapist industry together with the occupational therapist salary. This means more and more people will be needed to fill in new job positions and replace those therapists who are already in their retirement stage. If you have a deep passion for this line of work, becoming an Occupational Therapist may just be the job to help you be successful and fulfilled. These are the primary factors of the occupational therapist salary and duties.

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