medical technicianWhen people go to a doctor for a checkup, doctors may require some laboratory tests in order to fully understand the body’s condition and to find out if there is any illness or abnormality that is unseen by the naked eye. Specimen is collected and submitted to the laboratory for testing. After an hour or a day’s wait, the results are in and is then interpreted by the doctor. Most people do not actually think about what goes on inside the laboratory. All they know is that they give their samples and they claim the results.

The people working inside the laboratory play a very important role in helping with the doctor’s diagnosis. Although they are unseen and rarely acknowledged, they are a means of finding a cure or treatment for whatever medical condition a patient may have. Those working with laboratory tests are called Medical Laboratory Technologists and Technicians. In this article, we will learn about the career of a Medical Laboratory Technician in particular. Although they are often confused to be Technologists, their are some differences in their tasks, education requirements, and medical laboratory technician salary packages.

Medical Laboratory Technician Salary Information:

Medical Laboratory Technicians often work under the supervision of Technologists. This is one of the reasons why the medical laboratory technician salary is lower than that of their superior. The average medical laboratory technician salary was around $36,280 in 2010 based on reports documented by the Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLS. The lowest Medical Laboratory Technician salary recorded from May 2010 was less than $24,210 while the highest recorded Medical Laboratory Technician salary reached over $56,040 per year. The annual medical laboratory technician salary can receive may vary depending on a lot of factors. One such factor is the type of industry that the professional is employed with. If you really want to earn a high Medical Laboratory Technician salary, you might as well try to get a job position at the Federal Government’s laboratory, which offers $40,180. Those working in medical and diagnostic labs get the lowest Medical Laboratory Technician income rate which is an average of $34,280 for every year.

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Medical Laboratory Technician Education Requirements:

A Bachelor’s Degree is not really a requirement in becoming a Medical Laboratory Technician, unless you want to be a Technologist instead. If you are interested in becoming a Lab Technician, having an Associate’s Degree or any type of Post-secondary certificate would be the basic requirement to land a job. It is important to concentrate on completing courses in Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology. There are available courses in hospitals which only take a year particularly for those who already has a medicine-related degree, such as nursing. There are also technical and vocational schools which offer training programs for Medical Laboratory Technicians. Although the subject matters and clinical courses involved are similar with those that Laboratory Technologists take, it is not as complex. Getting a certificate is not mandatory in order to gain employment, however, it is a requirement to get a license. Some states require the license but their requirements vary. Having a certificate and a license is a plus medical laboratory technician salary factor in getting a job with a better medical laboratory technician salary as well.

In becoming a Medical Laboratory Technician, it is important to possess or develop certain qualities to be more efficient with the tasks at hand. Attention to detail is obviously crucial since technicians deal with microscopic specimens. Missing or ignoring a single abnormal detail may greatly affect the results. It is also important to have patience and great concentration.

Medical Laboratory Technician Job Description:

The Medical Laboratory Technician job description involves the collection of specimens for testing in a medical laboratory. The tasks involved with this type of work is almost the same to the tasks handled by a Lab Technologist. However, Technologists handle more complex and more advanced tasks. Technicians can only perform their duties with the approval and supervision of Technologists. Their job basically involves the collection of blood or other type of body fluids and to analyze them to check for any abnormality. Some tests require the use of certain laboratory equipment. Once the results are achieved, the Medical Laboratory Technician then translates it, records it, and puts it into paper. They may provide the results to the patient or to the doctor if it needs further discussion.

With the advancement of medical technology nowadays, more and more doctors are relying on laboratory tests to help them with their diagnosis. Because of this, an 11 percent increase in employment rate is expected to take place from 2010 to 2020. This means there will be more jobs waiting for individuals who are aspiring to work as Medical Laboratory Technicians. This is a great job for people who would like to be involved in the medical industry without having to come in contact with too many people. These point will all impact the medical laboratory technician salary.

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