What To Look For In Electronic Dart Boards


dart boardElectronic dart boards are about lights and sounds along with the ease of play but some brands have features which make them stand out. First you will need to decide what size target area you want. Some have target places that vary from regulation 15.5 inches down to 13 inches. Which one you choose will depend on how seriously you take your game and just how much space you’ve got on your wall or even in your dart cabinet. Smaller target area usually means a smaller overall dart board so should you have any space limitations keep that in your mind. If it’s going to be used mainly for occasional family fun or simply something to pass the time then a 13 inch or 15.5 inch target area will be fine. On the other hand, if you play occasionally, invite friends over for darts, or arrange to compete within any tournaments then the regulation 15.5 inch target face will be the way to go. More serious players pick the fifteen.5″ target face. Oftentimes two different models can look the exact same, have numerous of the exact same features and also be priced about the same, but one may have a smaller target area. Target size is sometimes overlooked in favor of other features and also a buyer can wind up being disappointed. Before purchasing any electronic dart board consider what size best suits your requirements and look into the size before buying.

The Most Common Models:

Probably the largest difference among different models will be the range of games and options it has built-in and the range of players that will play at one time. Most models feature a multitude of games integrated through an incredible range of options and variations for each game. One example is the GLD Viper X-Treme comes with 43 games and 176 options for up to 16 players at a time. Cricket is by far the best game in darts and lots of models will feature between six and 10 different variations on that game alone. If cricket is your game then choose one with the most versions of that game. If you play a great deal of darts then you definitely may tire of playing cricket or may just want a change of pace. Other popular games include 301 and it is many variations, Shanghai, Shoot Out, Poker and countless others. The better games which are included the greater playability and longevity of fun the board shall have, particularly for families with children.

Now you could ask yourself, what about all those options? 176 options that is a whole lot of options! What that boils down to is many of the games have several options for game play for example starting score, ending score, the order by which numbers has to be hit and so on. The range of games included combined with the range of variations each game has provides players with virtually limitless game play!

Should I choose a model that may only handle 8 players at a time or simply go for the one for up to 16 players? If you entertain guests frequently or plan on hosting any tournaments or parties, then a model for 16 players is for you. If your game play usually features a smaller range of players, maybe just you as well as a few buddies, then you can save some cash and go for one that plays only 8 players.

Generally, here is the big question: Which features do I really need? As electronic dart boards evolve to include a growing number of features the question begins to arise…how many of these features are worth the extra investment? Well one feature that’s really nice to have will be the Auto Player Change. This saves you from having to press a next player button after your turn. Once a player has thrown all 3 darts the computer inside registers this and automatically switches to the next players score.

Another nice feature to have will be the player handicap option. This feature permits you to choose a level of skill for each player, for example Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced, and after that the computer will spot less experienced players the specific range of points to attempt to level the playing field a bit. This really is great for family situations where there are nearly always players of distinct ages and skill levels.

Another feature that I prefer is a LED score display in contrast to a LCD score display. The LED score display is simpler to read from a distance so all players are able to see the score at a glance without the need of to walk up to the electronic dart board to get a more in-depth look. And since LED score displays light up they’re also simpler to see when playing in darker rooms for example bars or basement game rooms. Some even come with a remote display that will be hung on the wall back through the throwing line which is actually nice.

A fairly recent addition to the electronic darting world will be the heckler feature which praises good shots and doles out comical sarcasm for sloppy shots. This is becoming a feature and is absolutely hilarious at parties. In fact the better people playing the funnier it get and could make your new electronic dart board the hit of the evening. Choosing the best electronic dartboard for sale takes just a little bit of research, but it will pay off finally and make playing a lot more fun.

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