doctorA forensic pathologist is a medical professional that performs autopsies on deceased people to determine the cause of death. A forensic pathologist is a doctor that specializes in pathology. This may include pathology and toxicology analysis. The forensic pathologist salary, education and job duties are provided below.

A career in forensic pathology involves several different activities. Their main job is to provide information to the relatives regarding a person’s cause of death. They locate and contact the next of kin and keep track of the relationship to the deceased and the attempts made to contact them. They collect and document previous medical history. They supervise the removal of the body from the scene of death and make sure that the scene is preserved. They record the position of the body. This will also include the condition that the body was found in. They record and preserve any items or personal property that may be found with the body. They also set up the transport of the body from the scene to the morgue.¬† Forensic pathologists perform medical exams and autopsies which may include preliminary exams of the body to find any signs of trauma and any other factors that may indicate the time or cause of death. They complete forms and other types of reports to finalize each case. They also oversee all other medical staff in the coroner’s office including overseeing autopsies and medical reports conducting by other staff.

Forensic Pathologist Salary:

The average forensic pathologist salary is about $150,000 per year. This will depend on your experience, the type of place you work and even the city and state that you work in. Location is very important when it comes to the amount of forensic pathologist salary that a forensic pathologist will be offered. There are certain states that offer higher than average forensic pathologist wages. The top states to work in are Nevada, New Hampshire, Georgia, Indiana and Minnesota. The average forensic pathologist income in Nevada is $205,000 per year. The forensic pathologist income for people in the state of New Hampshire is $207,000 per year. In Georgia the average forensic pathologist salary rate is $209,000 per year. Indiana is another state that offers a higher than average forensic pathologist salary. In Indiana the average salary is $212,000 per year. The top pay can be found in the state of Minnesota. Minnesota offers a forensic pathologist salary of $218,000 per year. These forensic pathologist salary amounts listed are the averages for each state. Amounts may vary depending on your experience in the field.

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Forensic Pathologist Education:

If you have decided that you want to become a forensic pathologist you will need to attend college and get your doctorate degree. This will take several years of college and training. The first step in this process will be to get your undergraduate bachelor’s degree. Most forensic pathologists typically get their degree in pre-med. This will take four years to complete. Your next step will be to take the medical admissions test and once you pass this you can apply to medical school. Medical school will take an additional four years to complete. Make sure that you focus on pathology while in medical school as this will help you in the future. This will include two years of clinical rotations in an actual medical setting with real patients. Once you graduate you will need to pass a licensing test and then complete six more years of training in osteopathy. Once you have completed these six years, you will need to take and pass an additional exam to become certified as a forensic pathologist. Upon passing this exam, your education is now complete and you can start applying for forensic pathologist jobs and earning a forensic pathologist salary.

Forensic Pathologist Job Description:

The job description for a forensic pathologist is typically within the medical examiners office or other type of state office. The environment is clean, sterile and well lit. Forensic Pathologist often work in a team with other medical staff. All of the work done is done while standing. You may often work within a lab environment with different types of specimens. Some travel may be required when visiting death scenes. Forensic pathologists are often used in criminal and other types of court cases. The work hours for a forensic pathologist is typically full time with days lasting more than ten hours per day. Overtime is very common as you may need to travel to remote locations.

The job of a forensic pathologist is very important. It is their job to find out how and why a person has died. This not only provides a piece of mind for the friends and family of the deceased but may also help in apprehending someone who has caused the deceased death. They need highly developed skills to perform well in this career. If you are the type of person that likes to investigate things then this may be the perfect forensic pathologist salary and job for you.

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