dentalAn endodontist is a specialized dentist that works with problems within the inside of the tooth. This includes the nerves, blood vessels and other tissues within the pulp of the tooth. The endodontist salary, education and job duties will be covered on this page.

An endodontist is a trained dentist that specializes in diseases and treatments of the nerve and pulp of the tooth. They examine and diagnose problems and then come up with an approved treatment plan for their patients. They first examine the teeth and gums to determine what the problem is. They may do this with the naked eye or by using medical implements such as an x-ray machine and other types of machines that perform diagnostics. Using this information, they diagnose the patients condition and advise them of a treatment plan. They may provide several types of treatments including root canals, pulp capping and chamber canals. They may perform partial or total pulp removals. This is often done with certain types of surgical instruments. They treat infected canals with endodontic materials and fill pulp chambers as needed. They may need to remove materials at the apex of the tooth by using surgical methods. They can bleach teeth and replace teeth that have been knocked out of the mouth due to an accident.

Endodontist Salary:

The average endodontist salary is around $200,000 per year. This will depend on your level of education and experience. Also the area that you live in can also affect the amount of the endodontist salary. There are several states that offer higher than average endodontist salary rates. The top states to work in are California, Wyoming, New York, Massachusetts and Mississippi. The average endodontist wage in California and Wyoming is around $240,000 per year. The states of New York and Massachusetts also offer endodontist incomes of $260,000 per year. The top endodontist salary can be found in the state of Mississippi. The average endodontist salary in Mississippi is currently averaging out to be $270,000 per year. The amounts that are listed are including all the benefits that are often offered as a part of the endodontist salary. The highest paying jobs are also often found in the larger cities and metro areas of the United States such as New York and California. Florida is also a state that has many jobs for endodontists available.

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Endodontist Education:

If you want to become an endodontist, and earn a endodontist salary, you will need to go to college to get the required education and training. The first step in this process is to choose an accredited school and get your pre-med or pre-dental bachelor’s degree. This will take four years to complete. After you graduate and have your bachelor’s degree you will need to take the dental admissions test or DAT before you can apply to dental school. Make sure that you have the best grades possible as dental school is highly competitive. Once you pass the DAT you can apply to dental schools. Once accepted you will spend four years in dental school. This will involve two years of educational training in addition to two years of clinical rotations in which you will work with actual patients. After you graduate from dental school you will need to complete a training program in endodontics. This generally will take another two years to complete. After you have completed all of your training you will need to take a licensing test and become board certified before you can start to work as an endodontist. To maintain your license and certifications you may have to participate in workshops and take some continuing educational courses.

Endodontist Job Description:

The endodontist salary and job description for an endodontist is typically in a medical facility or dentists office. The environment is often clean and sterile and nicely maintained. The air is temperature controlled. The majority of the work is done while standing and some procedures may take many hours to complete so you will need to stand for several hours on end. Endodontists will also need to work well with a team as they may work in conjunction with other dental professionals such as dental assistants, dentists and hygienists. The average work schedule for an endodontist is a normal full time schedule of at least forty hours per week. Some overtime may be required depending on the patient load.

If you are interested in a career as an endodontist you will be part of one of the fastest growing professions in the United States. The medical field is by far one of the few fields that are still growing strong despite some of the economic woes that have been happening lately. As long as humans have teeth they will need medical care and attention for them. This is what makes becoming an endodontist so great. You will have one of the highest levels of job security while also making a very nice endodontist salary.

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