surgeonA brain surgeon is a medical doctor that perform surgeries involving problems with the brain, nerves or spinal cord. This also involves the treatment and diagnosis of these structures. The brain surgeon salary and job duties are covered below.

A brain surgeon is a highly specialized surgeon that works with the brain, nerves and spinal cord. They have various job functions. These include performing surgeries, diagnosing patients and treating and prescribing medications to patients. They look at the medical history of patients, check their medication history, physical condition and exam results. They use this information to determine the best course of treatment. Brain surgeons prepare case histories and determine the risk factors for each patient. They operate on patients to correct abnormalities and problems, prevent or treat disease or remove tumors and other growths. They follow strict operating guidelines. They provide pre and post operative care for patients. They direct and oversee all other staff such as nurses, surgical techs, specialists and residents. They diagnose patients and come with a treatment plan that may consist of surgery or medicines. They may provide surgical assistance to other departments. They examine all the instruments and implements to be used to make sure that they are clean and sterile. Some brain surgeons may conduct surgical research and develop new ways to treat patients.

Brain Surgeon Salary:

A brain surgeon is a highly technical occupation. They are highly specialized and this is why they are one of the highest paid surgical careers. The current average brain surgeon salary is about $492,000 per year. The brain surgeon salary amount that you make will depend on your experience, your education and degrees, certifications and even the area of the United States that you work in. Experience is very important when it comes to the amount of money that a brain surgeon makes. A newly graduated brain surgeon will make about $300,000 per year. This brain surgeon salary amount will continue to increase with more experience. By the time you have five years of experience your brain surgeon salary will increase to $390,000 per year. After ten years of experience the brain surgeon income will average out to about $500,000 per year. This will continue to increase with each year. Fifteen years of experience will increase your brain surgeon salary to $620,000 per year. The top brain surgeon salary amount will be obtained with twenty years or more of experience. At this level the salary range increases to $740,000 per year.


Brain Surgeon Education:

If you have decided that you want to become a brain surgeon and earn a brain surgeon salary, it is important to understand that you will need to spend many years on your education and training. The first step in this process is to obtain your pre-med bachelor’s degree. This will take four years to complete. Next you will need to take and pass the MCAT and then you can start applying to the medical schools that you are interested in. These programs are highly competitive so make sure that you have top notch grades. Once you have been accepted to medical school you will learn over the next four years how to treat and handle patients. This will include two years of clinical rotations in which you will be working with real patients. Your next step is to complete your brain surgeon residency. This will take six years to complete. Many surgeons will also complete an additional two years of nueroscience. The last step on your way to becoming a brain surgeon is to take the medical licensing test and then to become board certified in nuerosurgery. After all of this has been completed, you may start searching for a job and practicing as a brain surgeon.

Brain Surgeon Job Description:

The brain surgeon salary and job description of a brain surgeon is typical of most medical careers. You will work within an office or a hospital or surgical room. This is typical in a clean and well lit environment that is temperature controlled. You may work as a team with several other staff members. The work environment can often be highly stressful. You will be standing for the majority of your shift. You will also be exposed to several types of diseases and other ailments so it is important to follow all guidelines. The average work schedule is full time of more than sixty hours per week. Nights and weekends may also be required in addition to being on call.

The job of a brain surgeon is a highly respected and well paid brain surgeon salary. But there is a lot that goes into it other than just making a lot of money. You will have to spend more than ten years in school and the work that you do is very delicate. You will need to paid strict attention at all times and be able to have a steady hand at all times. If this sounds like you, this may be the perfect career for you.


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