chemicalBiochemists are scientists that study the chemical composition and physicality of living organisms and cells. They also conduct research to understand these organisms reproductive systems, growth processes and heredity aspects.

The main job of a biochemist is the study the physicality of living cells and the organisms that contain these cells. They study their energies including electrical and mechanical by using math, physics and biology. They isolate and analyze vitamins, hormones, minerals and other types of enzymes to determine the effects on the human body’s functions. They prepare reports with recommendations that are based upon the findings of their experiments. They write scientific papers and share their findings and the methods that they used to find these results. They also study the chemistry of living processes including cell development, digestion processes, energy changes in organisms and what causes them and the growing and living stages of organisms and their cells. They also study mutations in these cells to determine the presence of cancer and other diseases. They use this information to help find cures for theses diseases. They work with macro molecules to determine their biological structures. They oversee the research of students and may manage laboratory teams. The biochemist salary, education and job duties are placed below.

Biochemist Salary:

The current national average in the United States for a biochemist salary is $88,000 per year. This will depend on the type of place you work, the amount of experience you have and the city and state that you work in. Location is very important when it comes to the amount of biochemist salary that a biochemist can make. Certain states within the US offer higher than average biochemist incomes. The following states are the top paying places to work: Massachusetts, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New Hampshire. All of these states offer a biochemist salary of more than $5,000 above the national average that is listed above. In Massachusetts and Delaware the current average biochemist salary is $93,000 per year.  Pennsylvania offers a biochemist salary rate for biochemists of $109,000 per year. The second highest paid state to work in is New Jersey. The average biochemist salary in New Jersey is $113,000 per year. The top biochemist salary can be found in the state of New Hampshire. In New Hampshire, the average biochemist salary is $130,000 per year. Working in larger cities may also increase your pay above the national average.

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Biochemist Education:

If you plan on becoming a biochemist and earning a biochemist salary, you will need to attend an accredited college program and get your PhD in biochemistry. This process will begin with getting your bachelor’s degree in biochemistry or another related scientific degree. This will take four years to complete. Part of this process will include extensive training in math, science, physics and biology. You will also need to complete extensive training in laboratory procedures. After graduating, you may decide to take on an laboratory internship at a pharmaceutical company or research facility to further your education before entering graduate school. Once you have completed this, you may apply to the graduate school of your choice to complete your PhD requirement. This will take about four to six years to complete and will require about two years of laboratory research. You will also learn about toxicology, genetics and more. Upon completion of your PhD you may apply for many types of research positions. Typically these are training positions and this process will last for about three years. You will need a record of several research projects that you have been a part of before you can complete your post doctoral requirements.

Biochemist Job Description:

Biochemists typically work in research facilities or laboratory environments. Almost half of all biochemists work in research environments. They may also work in colleges and universities. They typically conduct research and experiments. The work can sometimes be considered a bit dangerous due to working with toxic substances and diseased cells. Safety guidelines but be strictly followed at all times. They often work in a team environment and may be a part of a large research team or project. The work schedule for most biochemists is typical a normal full time schedule of forty hours per week. This is typically a normal schedule of daytime work hours.

If you love research projects and you want to be at the forefront of various scientific discoveries, then you may want to look into becoming a biochemist. This is a job that not only engages your mind but also offers a great biochemist salary too. It is also a career that has a very good job outlook for the future. Currently there is an expected growth of thirty one percent new jobs to be added to the current job market. Which means that there will be an additional 7,700 jobs added for new employees. This is great news for anyone who is interested in becoming a biochemist.

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